Bed Bugs in the Home


  • Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color.
  • They are 5-7 mm in length.
  • They can be found anywhere, but most commonly found in bedding, mattresses and bed frames.
  • Most active at night


  • Dark spots on mattress
  • Bites that appear with a red bump, itch, and form a straight line along a blood vessel.
  • Fecal matter and eggs may also be present.

Bed Bug Control

  • Inspect bedding before sleeping concentrating on the folds of the mattress.
  • Inspect mattress, nightstand and headboard.
  • Once bed bugs have been detected consideration to discard the mattress should be taken. The bed should be taken apart so treatment can be performed.
  • The carpet area should be treated with a liquid insecticide mixed with an insect growth regulator.
  • The bed frame and night stands should also be treated.
  • Light sockets and electrical covers should be removed and dusted with an insecticide dust.
  • If any bedding is to be kept it should be treated with Steri-fab prior to being placed back on the bed.