• Brown Recluse are about 1" in length
  • Brown recluse are two tone brown with a darker "fiddle" shape behind the head (cephalothorax).
  • Brown recluse have long narrow legs and a football shaped abdomen. With their legs extended they are about he size of a quarter.
  • Brown recluse live the majority of their time hidden in secluded places.
  • They can live up to two years
  • Bites can cause necrosis (deterioration flesh and tissue) Bites have been know to even cause death which is extremely rare.


  • Interior Perimeter treatments of all rooms.
  • Dusting of wall voids such as electrical outlets and light sockets.
  • Treat storage areas such as closets basement and garages.
  • Directive Treat drop ceiling areas and attic areas, garages and the living area of the home.
  • Set sticky traps throughout the home to capture the spider all day everyday.
  • Remove clutter and debris.
  • Organize storage areas.