• Carpenter Ants vary greatly in size with in one colony.
  • Carpenter ants have workers of multiple sizes (polymorphism).
  • Carpenter ants are large ants about 1/2" in length and are typically black but can be red and black or even red.
  • Carpenter ants nest in decaying wood but will also nest in insulation in wall voids of homes and occasionally solid wood.
  • Carpenter ants may have several nest sites in a small area (satellite colonies).


  • Finding the colony is critical.
  • Inspections for carpenter ants may be done at night. Ants are 300% more active at night.
  • Dust insecticide should be applied to the suspected colony entrance.
  • Insecticide baits with large particle sizes may be used in aiding in location or even for control.
  • Termidor may be used on the exterior of the structure in conjunction with other control methods for further control.