• Carpet beetles are 1/16"-1/8" in length.
  • Carpet beetles are multi-colored and include black, white and orange.
  • Carpet beetle are round in shape.
  • Carpet beetle larvae feed on natural fibers including animal hides.
  • Carpet beetle adults feed on plants.
  • Carpet beetle adults are highly attracted to light and finding dead carpet beetles in window frames is common


  • Carpet Beetles are similar in treatment to fleas.
  • Carpet Beetles treatments include treating all carpeted areas of the structure as well as perimeter treatments to rooms that do not have carpet.
  • Inspecting old fabrics and even animal taxidermy is critical.
  • Remove all animals and turn off and cover all aquariums.
  • A residual insecticide in conjunction with an insect growth regulator must be used for carpet beetles. Damage may be visible to items and removal of the item may be necessary.
  • It is necessary to remove items from the floor and vacuum as much as possible before the treatment.
  • Adult beetles do not feed on fabric and homes will often have some adult beetles located around window sills.