• Clothes moths are 3/8"- ½" in length.
  • There are two types: the case making clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth. Both are similar in appearance.
  • Both have a golden buff appearance with a brownish tinge.
  • They feed on natural fibers including animal hides.
  • Webbing or small spun insects cases may be found along with damage when dealing with these fabric pests.


  • Case making and webbing clothes moths.
  • Inspection should be performed to stored fabric items.
  • Curtains and fabrics made of natural materials are the most at risk.
  • If an item is determined to have clothes moths the item should be discarded.
  • If the item is to be kept it should be dry cleaned only. Other forms of cleaning will not destroy the eggs of the clothes moth
  • Liquid treatment is not needed.