• Ground beetles vary greatly in size. They can be anywhere from 1/16" to 3/8" in length.
  • Most ground beetles are black but some species have green elytra (wing covers) and several shades of black.
  • They live and develop in soil and emerge at night to hunt for food. Ground beetles are highly attracted to light.


  • Treat the exterior perimeter of the structure with a liquid insecticide.
  • Granule insecticides may also be used.
  • Treat the expansion joint around the perimeter of the structure where ground beetles hide during the day.
  • Exclusion is critical with ground beetles and windows and doors should be sealed properly
  • Exterior lighting should be left off as these insects are highly attracted to light. If lighting is necessary use sodium vapor lighting.
  • Treatments in basements and garages will also help control ground beetles once they enter a structure.