• House flies are 1/8" to 1/4" in length.
  • They are dull gray with 4 light lines on the thorax.
  • They are common nuisance pests in homes and restaurants.
  • They often feed on dog or cat feces allowed to accumulate in lawns.
  • When they feed they vomit a liquid on to the food surface that breaks down solid food so that it may be sucked up.
  • They are carriers of disease and are often found in areas of poor sanitation.
  • The larvae called maggots are often found around trash dumps and other trash receptacles.


  • Inspect animal feces or other decaying material.
  • Locate breeding source and eliminate.
  • Inspect screens on windows and doors replace if needed. Make sure they close properly
  • Inspect for locations of dumpsters and other thrash receptacles. Move if necessary
  • Treat exterior perimeter of the structure with liquid insecticide. Also around doors and windows
  • Treat dumpster and trash areas with liquid insecticide concentrating on the pad underneath.
  • Place fly bait stations in areas to intercept potential flies.
  • Use insect light traps to capture adult flies once they enter the structure