• House mice are about 2 ½" to 3 1/2'" in length.
  • They are gray with dark eyes.
  • They weigh about ½-1 oz.
  • They have pointy noses and large ears.
  • They create health problems with their numerous fecal droppings and constant urination.
  • They often enter structures in fall in search of food.
  • They can produce about 6 young per litter and have about 8 litters per year.


  • Sanitation is a leading factor in control of mice.
  • Remove all food sources for mice.
  • Straighten cluttered areas and storage.
  • Vacuum droppings to remove pheromones.
  • Place sticky traps and snap traps for low populations.
  • The use of bait stations may be used in higher populations.
  • Exclusion is critical to prevent further entry of mice.