• Odorouse house ants are 1/16"-1/8" in length.
  • They are dark brown to black in color.
  • They have one node that is hidden between the thorax and the abdomen.
  • They live in very large colonies with multiple queens
  • They are the number one pest species in the tri-state.
  • They can be extremely difficult to eliminate.
  • When smashed they emit a burnt coconut smell.
  • They often live in wall voids of structures or in landscape materials close to the structure.
  • They feed naturally on aphids which feed on plants.


  • Control of Odorous House Ants is difficult.
  • Treat the exterior perimeter of the structure with Termidor.
  • Treat the interior of the structure with Phantom.
  • Use insecticide baits when possible.
  • Use Intice granule bait on the exterior perimeter.
  • Locate nests and drench directly with insecticide.
  • Treat around pipe openings, windows and door.
  • Treat landscape beds.
  • Inspect all landscape materials including timbers, edging and lighting.
  • Exclusion is critical when dealing with odorous house ants.