• Oriental Cockroach males are about 1" in length while females are 1" in length.
  • Oriental Cockroaches are dark red to black.
  • Females are wingless while males have wings that cover ¾ the length of their bodies but are not capable of flight.
  • Nymphs are generally reddish and then turn darker.
  • Commonly referred to as "waterbugs" because they are often located around water.


  • Treat the exterior perimeter of the structure.
  • Treat stoops and steps of homes and buildings.
  • Treat all rooms on the interior of the structure.
  • Treat basements and crawlspaces with liquid insecticide.
  • Use insecticide bait in conjunction with liquid treatments.
  • Use granule bait on the exterior perimeter of the structure.
  • Dust wall voids and pipe openings.
  • Exclusion around windows and doors.