I have very disciplined work ethics and one of my biggest beliefs is that when you have a job to do, you do it to the absolute best of your ability. Kevin and Nate go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Not only are they both excellent at their actual job; extermination but while here they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction by being extremely personable. I know that I can rely on both of them to get the job done right and I can also trust both of them to be around any of our residents with full faith that they will remain respectful, courteous, and informative if asked. You have a couple of grade A winners on your team and I remain extremely grateful that you allow them to be our Go-To guys for any issues we have.

Dezarae S. Evansville, IN

They took time to explain what to expect with the treatment. I didn't know the technician that came out to do the work for me, but he did a fabulous job. He actually came back to do a second treatment and that time, I left the house unlocked for him and when he was done, he left a note and locked up. It totally worked! I used to have a terrible ant problem, and now I don't! I'm really proud to call them friends!

Amanda B. Evansville, IN

I have nothing but good things to say about your company. We appreciate that your employees cover their shoes before walking in the house. We have had several technicians over the years and ALL have been professional and polite. And your company is the only one we've dealt with that shows up on time or even early! Thank you.

Krista Z. Newburgh, IN

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for amazing customer service. We have been beyond happy with both of our techs at both residents. They are friendly, helpfull, show up on time and respect our home. After completing a renovation I am realizing that good work and friendly customer service is hard to come by. Not with Swat Pest. Thank you again for your amazing service.

Megan B. Evansville, IN

We have been your customers for several years. We would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the quality service people you have hired. Each one we have had over the years is as nice as the one before. They are all very polite, efficient, professional, and personable. It is a pleasure doing business with each and every one of them.

Mary R. Vincennes, IN

Good things will happen to a company that maintains honesty and integrity. In the case with our crawl space, that hold true with you and SWAT Pest. My wife and I thank you for bringing attention to a problem that we thought had been fixed. You will never know how much we appreciated your honesty as you showed us what our crawl space really looked like. I have to admit, I was shocked as was my wife. But your attention and promise to make it right was so admirable we thought we must listen. The “Clean Space” system was definitely something new to us. Your explanation and attention to the detail was most helpful in helping us make our decision to move forward. We certainly appreciate all the time you spent with us explaining and checking in with us to report on each step of the project.

Bob a. Mount Carmel, IL

Just a short note to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with your company and the great service you provide. Damon, our service rep, is fantastic. He has went out of his way to take care of our problem and he has always been smiling and happy to oblige us any way he can. Your phone staff (office) is also a pleasure to deal with, when I had to call to cancel and move my appointment she went out of her way to take care of me. These two employees show what type of company you have and believe me, I will always be referring your service to all my friends and clients. Thanks again to you and your GREAT people. Tell Damon and the office they do a great job!

Gary V. Flora, IL

Jameson is very professional and he is a asset to the company. Very kind and polite.

Rob & Dee F. Boonville, IN

Andi is great at her job. She is awesome! She is a doll!

Nancy L. Evansville, IN

Chris is pleasant and did a great job. Tony is great too. Both are wonderful!

Carol B. Evansville, IN

Today we had Herb perform our first Pest Control service with your company. We just wanted to say that He did an excellent job and was very professional and courteous. He is a positive representative of your service! We will recommend your company anytime we can. Herb, thank you for your service!

Mike and Bea M. 47710, IN

Matt was out on Wednesday last week. He dusted down cobwebs while I was knocking on doors for him to treat units. I think it helped out a lot! Everyone appreciates it. Great job! I always look forward to seeing him!

Darrel W. 47715, IN

Kevin is very good! He is so awesome!

Christ the King 47714, IN

Nate it my hero! He is awesome! He is my guardian from the mice in my apartment!

Larren T. 47713, IN

Kevin does a great job. Very informative! Goes above and beyond!

Desiree 47715, IN

Jason Vaughn, is great. Just cant say enough nice things about jason. You truly have a great employee.

Henry and Peggy S. Mt Vernon, IN

Jason Vaughn is always friendly, very professional. He IDs our bugs. Does such a great job!

Judy and Terry S. Mt Vernon, IN

Jason Vaughn, we really like our service man. He is always so nice and friendly. best one we've had.

First Christian Church Mt Vernon, IN

Josh has done a "hell of a job" for me. Josh really cares about his job he is doing because he is caring, professional attitude, and I will continue my quarterly service for as long as Swat Pest is in business. I am very ticked with everyone at Swat.

Rodney A. Boonvile, IN

Jason is absolutely wonderful! We really appreciate how nice and polite he was. We are so happy with our decision to go with Swat Pest!

A. E. Indiana, IN

Paul did a great job! He was very professional, helpful, and informative. We are thrilled with his service and look forward to a long future with swat pest!

S. G. Indiana, IN

Brooke was so sweet and helpful! She took care of my problem and had it fixed in a very quick time frame. Thank you, Brooke!

Lynn A. Indiana, IN

Jason did a great job. "I want him back at my house!"

Jeremy a. Vanderburgh, IN

Kyle Black does an excellent job. He is a very good technician.

Jenny D. Melody Hill, IN

Steve is an asset to your company! He is very professional. All around great service from him. Nice gentleman.

Mrs. E. Indiana, IN

The guys were terrific! ALL of them. We are so very grateful they took the time to really take care of us - THANK YOU

Joe and Dorthy G. Indiana, IN

All of your technicians are great but Matt is wonderful. So sweet and professional. He always finds a solution for me. Great customer service. Thank you.

Faith T. Newburgh, IN

Jim and Shaun have been so professional and informative. I really have learned a lot from them.

Karen H. Flora, IL

I just wanted to compliment Donnie on coming out and fixing the sump pump. He was very nice and didn't complain.

Carol O. Flora, IL

You do great work and I will be referring your service!

John D. Carrier Mills, IL

Really liked Ryan Embry, he did a great job

Edgar B. Cannelburg, IN

Shaun Waters, Did a great job-- very professional!

Yvonne M. Loogootee, IN

jason is extremely polite gentleman. Did an excellent job! He's a keeper!

Kevin E. Lawrenceville, IL

Our inspector, Glenn Stroessner, was fantastic. He explained everything to a T, and was very polite.

Lori B. Dawson Springs, KY

Isaac is Awesome!

Margie T. Vincennes, IN

Thank you for the great service in 2007!

Jenny E. Vincennes, IN

Kyle is very thorough. He does a great job.

Jewell H. Cannelton, IN

Gary does a great job. Very professional. Like him a lot! He's awsome!

Dave W. Hartford, KY

The staff is very friendly and helpful. They set the tone for the office.

Jerry H. Jasper, IN

I just wanted to say my wife and I are very impressed by Jason. He was very thorough and kind as a person could be. Thanks!

Josh and Katie M. Mount Carmel, IL

Jason does a GREAT job! He really goes the extra mile to make sure my service is properly done! We really like Jason!

Deanne F. Mount Carmel, IL

Tell Matt and the crew they did an outstanding job with the fleas!

Robin R. Mount Carmel, IL

Danny Jenkins answered all of our questions and was very helpful. THANKS!

Jeff B. Hazleton, IN

Jason did a nice job. He is a great guy and does great work.

Ted T. Patoka, IN

We just love your company & we love our technician, Ronnie. Thanks for all that you do!

Tim D. Calhoun, KY

Tony is a great guy! I will refer all my friends to Swat because of him!

Tim D. Calhoun, KY

Kevin is a really nice guy, he did a great job.

Terry S. Owensville, IN

Zach is great, very satisfied...he is so professional!

Ralph & Sheila P. Owensville, IN

Jake did a great job. He's a nice young man,

Marion W. Owensville, IN

Chris did a wonderful job. very pleasant and excellent job. He did amazing! He did everything we asked!

Betty M. Owensville, IN

Zach Dyal is always excellent and very polite. He's the best guy ever. Couldn't be happier.

Sam & Theresa E. Princeton, IN

Zach is always courtious and nice. He is very professional. He does a great job.

Dike A. Princeton, IN

Steffany is courteous and helpful! She is why I choose Swat!

Diane M. Princeton, IN

Zach is the best tech I've ever had! Extremely happy with service. He's a great guy!

Zach D. Princeton, IN

Zach is a great Tech!

JoAnne S. Francisco, IN

Jake was nice, friendly, and helpful!

Tim H. Owensboro, KY

Ronnie is amazing! He is a great tech and has taken great care of us and our pest issues! We really like Ronnie!!

Chirs and Tina M. Owensboro, KY

I am so glad we have Tony W. He has done a great job. We appreciate all he has done for us. Great Service! He is the reason we love Swat!

Dan V. Owensboro, KY

Tony, love him! So professional and personable. He explains everything. Goes out of his way. So great!

Mike R. Owensboro, KY

Tony is amazing! He is great with tenants. Asset to the company.

Ashley S. Owensboro, KY

Kudos to you Tony! Does such a great, fantastic job!

Michael G. Owensboro, KY

Nice work! Kyle Black is the best!

Darryl J. Owensboro, KY

Our technician, Brad Weir, does a really good job and is a super nice guy!

Josh B. Owensboro, KY

Chris has been to my place twice and he is just so nice and professional. He took his time with me. Wished me happy holidays and answered all my questions. He's great.

Judy S. New Harmony, IN

Chris was very very good. Very thorough, he explained everything. He was wonderful!

Marie F. New Harmony, IN

Jason V. did such a wonderful job. You guys should be proud to have him. I'm very thankful!

Fred S. Fort Branch, IN

I took a hard fall. Zach stayed with me till my husband coulf get home. Very greatful. He saved my life. Glad he was there!

Nedra R. Fort Branch, IN

Jason gives top of the line service. Goes out of his way to get things done. Jason is amazing!

Fred S. Fort Branch, IN

Josh is very nice! He's great!

Fred S. Fort Branch, IN

Isaac came out to treat he was really really thorough! He was just fantastic!!

Mrs. S. Mt Vernon, IN

I was very impressed by Lance, he did his job and he was also very caring. I talked to others but no one that cared and informed me as much as Lance did. He's a keeper!

Julie W. Mt Vernon, IN

Isaac is just a joy and very professional. He gave lots of helpful hints. He did a great job and he is very personable too!

Judy S. Mt Vernon, IN

The guys were very nice, and were extremely focused and did an excellent job!

Malinda Mt Vernon, IN

Chris is extremly professional and never forgets details about our property. He takes his time and explains. He is a great asset to the company.

Judy S. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris takes care of everything. He's amazing. He is great!

Judy S. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris does a great job. My bugs are almost gone. He is such a great and nice guy!

Tina K. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris does real good. He is great!

Tina K. Mt Vernon, IN

So happy we have Chris! I've had to reschedule a few times and he's so accommodating. He always takes his time and is friendly, and professional. We appreciate him!

Sale J. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris is so fabulous! He needs a big pat on the back. He is just awesome!

Heidi W. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris and Jason are both thorough and so good. I will recommend these 2 young men to everyone. They did so good!

First Christian Church A. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris could not have been nicer. Very thorough. I'm very pleased with him.

Judy S. Mt Vernon, IN

Chris did a great job. He presents himself very well. Nice to have met him!

Lisa D. Mt Vernon, IN

Nothing but praise for Jameson! He is a great guy. I'm very satisfied with him. You have a lifetime customer because of him.

Joe A. Richland City, IL

Jason did a great job! Nice,polite, neat, and very through. Great job!

Winnie F. Richland City, IL

Brian is the nicest person I have ever met. He cares so much about your home!

Barbara R. Elberfeld, IN

The young man that did my inspection was very nice and he answered all my questions about my house. Thank you so much!

Donnie R. Elberfeld, IN

Jameson does a GREAT job! He is always polite and prefessional!

Bryan W. Boonville, IN

Thanks to all of the Bed Bug crew. You have helped me out so much!

Rodney H. Boonville, IN

Jameson is courteous, professional and is always on time. He is the best i've had.

Bryan W. Boonville, IN

Allyn was very courteous and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer any questions I had. I will be using Swat Pest for future inspections and referrals. Allyn was very helpful.

Victor M. Boonville, IN

Matt is a hard worker and just wonderful. He is awesome!

Courtney H. Boonville, IN

Matt is wonderful. Provides great service. Perfect!

Gayle S. Boonville, IN

Matt is my guy and he does a great job! Very thorough. He's so thoughtful and very polite!

Sharon and Randy B. Boonville, IN

Jared, is so nice. We have liked all the techs that have come out, but Jared is special. Jared and all the office girls do a great job.

Jane W. Boonville, IN

Josh Brewer makes lots of effort. Takes his job seriously. Does great work!

Wendall and Sherry S. Boonville, IN

Josh and Everyone you send out is so nice and great!

Jane W. Boonville, IN

Jason is such an amazing tech. He talks to you the whole time and keeps the bugs under control!

Mark B. Wadesville, IN

Kevin L. is very nice and always wants to help me.

Mary Jane T. Haubstadt, IN

I cant tell you how much I appreciate Logan Moore! He does an outstanding job!

Naas & Sons !. Haubstadt, IN

Zach was excellent! I'm amazed at how thorough he was! He was so so so good.

Joseph L. Haubstadt, IN

Jameson is so good. He's very thorough and professional, and extremely nice and friendly.

Carla L. Chandler, IN

He always goes above and beyond for our complex.

Ali (Drake Terrace) Chandler, IN

We really like our service rep for Swat Pest Josh Brewer!

Kathy V. Chandler, IN

Brandon and Kyle did a great job. Did over and above what I expected. Very Happy with service!

Trina C. Chandler, IN

Pete does a wonderful job. Looking forward to the Spring!

Donna B. Henderson, KY

Kevin is great! He takes his time and explains everything. Very prompt! You don't get that kind of service anymore!

Robert F. Henderson, KY

Jake is one of those workers that makes you think it's nice to see great workers still out there. He's amazing. He really loves his job.

William B. Henderson, KY

Cleanspace Crew, you have a great team! They did an amazing job.

Nikki V. Henderson, KY

Derek and Chris both did an excellent job! Both were really super guys and looked like they really loved what they were doing!

Steve B. Henderson, KY

Sean Bingham and all the office staff are great! I really appreciate everyone there and I never have to worry about anything. (Like I do with other companies.)

David L. Henderson, KY

Shaun Waters does a really good job!

Rick L. Henderson, KY

Your technician has already done a GREAT job. We appreciate his efforts and are very glad we switched.

Catherine L. Henderson, KY

Thank you for a job well done! I am finding dead spiders everywhere and “Pops” really knew what he was talking about. I appreciate the fast and friendly service I received.

Ted B. Henderson, KY

Trey is a very good worker, he explains everything very well.

Danny S. Newburgh, IN

Joan is a sweetie!

Ryan H. Newburgh, IN

Very pleased with the service done by Jameson. Couldn't be more pleased.

Phil D. Newburgh, IN

Extra praise for Trey! He did a great job taking care of my ants! I really appreciate all that he does!

Mary B. Newburgh, IN

Ben went above and beyond to help with our pest problem! He is great and we appreciate all he did for us!

Jeremy & Jennifer K. Newburgh, IN

Ben tracked down my ants for me. He took his time & did a great job.

Connie Y. Newburgh, IN

Matt did an amazing job! We are lucky to have him as our tech.

Mark & Sarah W. Newburgh, IN

Trey was a very nice young man. He was super polite & we really enjoyed him.

Danny & Karen S. Newburgh, IN

Abe was nice and im very impressed. Very professional and couteous. Was a good experience.

Greg and Mary M. Newburgh, IN

Pat is so kind and courteous. Very professional and good at his job.

Aman C. Newburgh, IN

Kevin does a great job. We had a horrible ant problem. He has been very informative and kind. Great worker.

Carol S. Newburgh, IN

Matt went above and beyond. We were so impressed. We can't thank you enough for him!

Riverwalk Condos Newburgh, IN

Pat our technician is great. he is always prompt, professional, courteous, and friendly. We highly appreciate him.

The M. Newburgh, IN

He's the reason we stay. Helpful, nice, such a great guy! Very professional.

Faith T. Newburgh, IN

Brian is a joy to work with/ he is very personal and explains everything!

Sandy W. Newburgh, IN

Ryan dos a great job! He is very professional! I wrote a extra $10.00 on my check for him!

Jim H. Newburgh, IN

Pat was awesome and incredible!

Tracy C. Newburgh, IN

I'm so pleased with Ryan. Terrific person, trust worthy and very respectful! Never have to worry while Ryan is over!

Brenda H. Newburgh, IN

Jane called to say they are moving away and they are going to miss Ryan very much! She said she is absolutely pleased with his service and he us and outstanding young man. She is going to miss him!

Jane O' T. Newburgh, IN

Derek does a great job! Please keep him on my service!

Ashley O. Newburgh, IN

dale is a sweetheart! Great guy. My buddy. My pal. My friend. He knows where my problems at.

Sandy B. Evansville, IN

Dale is nice and always does a great job!

Rosemary G. Evansville, IN

Dale, great service as always!

Geoff and Jacey D. Evansville, IN

Seth is a very good tech. He is very conscientious. He always does a great job.

Jim W. Evansville, IN

Seth is very sweet!

Brooke J. Evansville, IN

Seth does an amazing job! Im very happy to have him as my tech!

Aaron W. Evansville, IN

Seth does a great job!

Justin N. Evansville, IN

Seth is so wonderful! He is so kind and always does a fantastic job.

Kenny Z. Evansville, IN

Thanks to everyone at Swat Pest for a job well done. My interactions with all of the staff has always been a pleasure! Seth, thanks for always going the extra mile to look after our property. It's much appreciated!

The Chandler Family Evansville, IN

Seth is a sweet guy. Really knows his stuff.

Ingrid N. Evansville, IN

Seth, my ant problem is gone! Seth did an awesome job. He is amazing!

Eric N. Evansville, IN

Allyn was very polite and professional. Allyn was awesome!

Justin B. Evansville, IN

Kevin goes above and beyond and pest company we ever had. He is awesome.

Michelle & Andrew E. Evansville, IN

Dale does a really good job and he is so friendly and personable. Very pleased with him!

Vicki T. Evansville, IN

Dale is so nice. He listened to this old lady talk! I can talk, let me tell you! People don't want to listen to old people! You appreciate a person like that. He is just awesome.

Annabelle G. Evansville, IN

Isaac did a GREAT JOB! I've never had such great service. I was going to cancel but now I love Swat Pest.

John S. Evansville, IN

Tony is a very nice man. Does such a wonderful job. First time in 6 years I've been able to enjoy summer with no bugs!

Walt S. Evansville, IN

Tony is very respectful and professional. He treats my house like it's his own. I always look foward to seeing him. Thank you for having such caring employees.

Derek L. Evansville, IN

Great job on getting rid of my ants! I had never seen so many in my whole life.. Thanks Isaac!

Viola D. Evansville, IN

Dillion is such a nice guy! Just as polite as can be. We waited so long and Dillion took such good care of us.

Linda B. Evansville, IN

Lance is very professional. I switched companies becuase of his willingness to help me.

Chris G. Evansville, IN

Jake went above and beyond to fix contract concerns and protected the complex with a renewal total and re-treat warranty!

Christie @ Brickyard !. Evansville, IN

Jason V. does a wonderful job & we love our service with him.

Todd & Connie W. Evansville, IN

Dale is such an amazing tech. He always does a great job. He explains everything he does. He's so great.

Kathy H. Evansville, IN

Chris is sweet and took his time and showed he cares about his job. My 3 year old son kept asking him questions and he sure enough answered them. So happy with Chris!

Cassie H. Evansville, IN

Jason is excellent! Awesome! Thank you!

Steve K. Evansville, IN

Chris is the most detailed person. Very professional and polite. A great employee.

Charlene A. Evansville, IN

Kyle is great. Really awesome!

Linda B. Evansville, IN

Herb is such a great guy! I wouldn't have stuck with Swat Pest if it wasn't for him as our tech.

Kelli and Will K. Evansville, IN

Herb is such a nice guy, very professional & great at his job. I am going to recommend you guys to everyone. Thank you!

James & Kim L. Evansville, IN

Herb has been doing an excellent job. I'm very satisfied!

Josh S. Evansville, IN

Derek does a great job. He goes above and beyond. Thank you sir for everything!

Robert B. Evansville, IN

Herb has such great customer service. I would highly recommend him as a service tech. All around great job.

Kelsey H. Evansville, IN

Im so very happy to be working with Andi. She does a lot for my sites. Andi is great.

Ashlee F. Evansville, IN

Kevin is awesome! He takes his time and makes sure he gets the job done!

Danny Evansville, IN

Very impressed with Jason. He's great! He was very knowledgeable and courteous.

Kevin & Angela B. Evansville, IN

Mike does a great job! He was very nice and wonderful!

Mary H. Evansville, IN

Herb does a great job. He does so great servicing our place. He is just great.

Eric W. Evansville, IN

I've used you guys a lot over the years and I've been thoroughly impressed with Herb! He is great!

Leslie S. Evansville, IN

herb is the best tech!

Bruce M. Evansville, IN

Herb is outstanding!! He has done a great job! Its a pleasure to work with him!

Corey F. Evansville, IN

Herb is a great worker and a great representation for Swat Pest!

Mike L. Evansville, IN

Herb was just here and as always did a wonderful job! He represents Swat Pest in the best way!

Jane W. Evansville, IN

Kevin W. is an amazing tech! He does a great job & is very personable. Swat is very lucky to have him.

Dina L. Evansville, IN

Kevin is really phenomenal! He always goes above & beyond!

John Evansville, IN

The whole Bed Bug department goes above and beyond for me!

Danielle D. Evansville, IN

I had a WDI with Lance. He did such a good job. I love how he explained everything he was doing step-by-step. He was very kind & patient with all of my questions.

Larry H. Evansville, IN

Kevin is very professional. He explained his process thoroughly. Very knowledgeable of insect infestation.

Karen S. Evansville, IN

Derek and Shaun did a great job. They are great!

Barbara H. Evansville, IN

Herb was awesome! We appreciate his service and everyone can lean something from Herb. Such a hard worker!

Robert C. Evansville, IN

Lacey excelled at helping in getting the situation under control. Shaun handled the situation beyond expected. Lance did a good thorough inspection and Kevin and Josh educated, treated and did a great job. This company does such a great job!

Jackie G. Evansville, IN

Jason was very friendly and hard working. Did a great job. He is amazing.

Tom R. Evansville, IN

Herb really does a great job! Because of him I took a yearly contract for my basment with Swat Pest and Healthy Spaces. He even went under my house when he was not scheduled to. He is such a great man!

Larry W. Evansville, IN

Andi and Derek are friendly and awesome. They know what they are doing!

Mark H. Evansville, IN

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your two employees are. They respected my home and were so polite. They did so good!

Barbara S. Evansville, IN

Herb does such a great job. He is so very friendly!

Stephen R. Evansville, IN

Herb deserves an A+ rating! I mean a 300%! I highly recommend Herb!

Jesse A. Evansville, IN

Jason came to my sons house for a call back and did a wonderful job. He was very nice and really took his time explaining everything he was doing to me. He was a great guy!

Mr. S. Evansville, IN

Madi is friendly and professional!

Tiffany Brooklyn Place, IN

Slater is always on time! He does a really good service for me. He represents the company in the best way possible.

Abbi H. Evansville, IN

I love having Ryan as my tech! It's so nice having someone I can trust and that does such a great job!!

Mary R. Evansville, IN

Joan & Office Staff We were seeing huge spiders for some reason, so I called in. Just a great experience with everyone in the office. I appreciate anyone that helps me out. I spoke with Joan, she always seems so intent on helping me.

Lori H. Evansville, IN

Derek did such a wonderful job. Very thorough and amazing. Very detailed.

Dale T. Evansville, IN

Seth did a wonderful job. Such a gentleman!

Rosemary G. Evansville, IN

Herb is great. I love him! My cat loves him too! He's amazing!

Janell E. Evansville, IN

Kevin really cares. He gives 150% He is amazing! Keep him a long time!

Ellen & Doros H. Evansville, IN

Derek and Andres are my favorites! They really work hard. They are awesome!

Monique Evansville, IN

Very satisfied with Kevin He is very helpful. Kevin is awesome!

D & C Properties M. Evansville, IN

Just want to thank Ryan Embry for everything he does. He is so sweet and a wonderful person. He is great tech to have!

Shannon W. Evansville, IN

Mike was a really good guy. He was very informative. Mike is great.

Steve S. Evansville, IN

Mike did a fantastic job. He was really polite and did great. Tell Kevin thanks a lot for Mike!

Amanda M. Evansville, IN

Ryan is a very good guy. He is the reason we stay with Swat.

Sara T. Evansville, IN

All the Swat employees show exceptional service! They are all wonderful! Very customer service oriented! Great job swat Pest!

Kostbade F. Evansville, IN

Your company could use a lot more of Kyle Suver! We love him! He is the light of our day!

Jacqueline B. Evansville, IN

Matt is great! he took care of my issue. So nice. Thank you!

Judy with Regency Club Evansville, IN

Jared does a great job! He is a hard worker!

Greg R. Evansville, IN

Dale was outstanding. Service was great! I really appreciate everything that was done!

Randy A. Evansville, IN

Tony Colvin does an outstanding job. Is very professional. Thank you for outstanding service.

Derek L. Evansville, IN

Pat did an excellent job!

Tonya T. Evansville, IN

Pat is very polite and very thorough. We really enjoy him! Pat is terrific!

James V. Evansville, IN

Josh Stanton is great! Very polite! Really informative Did a great job!

Christine W. Evansville, IN

Matt McBride is great! Does a great job!

Jamie at Southwind Apartments Evansville, IN

We really appreciate Ryan Embry's service. He always does a great job!

Micah S. Evansville, IN

Jared is the best I've ever had! I can't thank Jared enough!

Joyce T. Evansville, IN

We will be referring your company because Tim Watson is the best!

Herather D. Evansville, IN

Herb and Jim Schaefer, were very professional and nice. Did a great job.

Susan Y. Evansville, IN

Tony was wonderful! Very polite and well mannered!

Patricia D. Evansville, IN

Jason Vaughn is the most pleasant and wonderful tech I've ever had. he's great. Great guy!

Judy S. Evansville, IN

Jason Vaughn is great! We love him! If we are not here, we can leave the door open for him, and our dog loves him too!

Mr. & Mrs. Hargett Evansville, IN

Im very happy with Kevin Wiener. He is very thorough and always explaining things to me and tenants. Kevin is an all around cool guy!

Desirae from Bryce De Moray Evansville, IN

Dale is nice and courteous. Ryan and Kevin are great guys! The guys are nice!

Mary S. Evansville, IN

Kevin does a fantastic job! He always goes above and beyond!

Drake with Terrace Apartments Evansville, IN

Herb is the best I've ever had!

Sherry H. Evansville, IN

Pat was just wonderful. Such a nice young man.

Danny & Karen S. Evansville, IN

Seth pulled an intruder from a news paper carriers car and held him till the police got there. Heather says she doesn't know what would have happen if Seth was there! "God Bless You Seth! And everyone at Swat Pest! Thank You!"

Heather Evansville, IN

Just wanted to say Thank You!

Marilyn Evansville, IN

Thank you for being so thoughtful! Logan does a great job!

The Jacksons Evansville, IN

We love Ryan! We think he's great!

Ingrid & Sheldon H. Evansville, IN

Herb, was very nice and explained everything right then. Best tech we've ever had!

Mrs. Miller Evansville, IN

Herb, was very nice and explained everything right then. Best tech we've ever had!

Mrs. M. Evansville, IN

Swat Pest and office staff are always so nice and polite. I recommend Swat to everyone! We love Swat!

Marcia T. Evansville, IN

I wanted to compliment your company employees for their competency, conscientious work and courteous manner when dealing with me. I was referred to you. I'm glad I took her advice!

Phyllis F. Evansville, IN

Tony is great and very professional

Kevin B. Evansville, IN

Chris and Todd are so nice! great job! You always send the most polite people.

David C. Evansville, IN

Tony, all my ants are dead! You did a great job! Thank you! Thank you!

Susan T. Evansville, IN

Kevin is doing such a great job!

Tamara Evansville, IN

Thomas is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable- I give him an A++++

Kay L. Evansville, IN

Kevin is amazing! Came over early. Very impressed! Does a great job! Very nice and needs a raise!

Jeremy P. Evansville, IN

Nate is a very good worker! Always pleasant! Not enough nice things to say about him.

Debbi Evansville, IN

Kevin is great with the tenants and all the kids. He should have a raise!

Darrel Evansville, IN

Herb is great! Totally awesome!

Lena M. Evansville, IN

Todd was great! he was very early! That's unheard of! Great job!

Donna W. Evansville, IN

Herb is great! Thank you!

Shauna T. Evansville, IN

Sean Bingham goes above and beyond. Does a great job every time.

Diane C. Evansville, IN

Tony was great! So nice and very thorough! Beeen so pleases with Swat Pest through this process!

Lindsey B. Evansville, IN

Swat Pest, thank you for your participation in the Spudz-N-Stuff Give Back day for baby Houston. With your help we raised over $300 to help the family with expenses. The family would like you to know they will "pay it forward" when they are blesses to be able to do so. Thanks for being a part of Houston's special angels!

Shae K. Evansville, IN

Tony was awesome, really awesome!

Chris B. Evansville, IN

Steve and Brandon did a great job! Very Clean work, very polite, and did everything they said they would. Very Happy!

Bruce M. Evansville, IN

Love Nate Davis! Always polite!

Atlas Van Lines Evansville, IN

Shawn McClure is hard working, very polite, told me what he was doing, explained it all! Thank you!

Dick C. Evansville, IN

Kyle did a great job. Helped move stuff. Awesome job!

Jeff W. Evansville, IN

Slater is very polite ad took his time answering my questions. I'm a very picky person and it's like someone sent e an angel to do better service. He takes care of customers the way they should be taken care of.

Teresa S. Evansville, IN

Derek Z. was very professional and courteous. We are very impressed with the service and the entire company. Best service we've had!

Kevin M. Evansville, IN

We first used Swat Pest Management to inspect our home when we were first looking to buy it. Our Realtor recommended them to us. We've been using them pretty regularly since then for about five years. Their pricing is excellent, they are fast, thorough and efficient. I highly recommend their services.

Brian Evansville, IN

Ray is absolutely wonderful! He went above and beyond - my bathroom door was broken and ray took the extra time to stop what he was doing and fix it for me. I don't know where you find the great quality of guys you do...but wow they are great! Thank you again!

Leanne @. Evansville, IN

Alison did a very good job at putting the price description together for all of our properties! Thank you Alison!

Richardson P. Evansville, IN

Jim is a very nice guy and he was really helpful and knew what he was talking about!

Cindy M. Evansville, IN

Kyle was very good, on time and friendly!

Jo C. Evansville, IN

Shaun Waters was the nicest young man. He was very thorough. I was very pleased with the job he did.

Betty C. Evansville, IN

Kevin always knows what to do! Couldn't ask for a better guy! He's great!

Southwestern Healthcare Evansville, IN

Tony did our service which was fantastic. He took the time to explain everything. He did great!

Reggie E. Evansville, IN

Slater is great. He is such a nice man and does such a great job!

Mary S. Evansville, IN

Tim did a very nice job. great person. Great job Tim!

MaryKay S. Evansville, IN

Slater, Trevor and Adam are so professional. They really take good care of me.

Cindy L. Evansville, IN

Slater always does such a professional job. I never have to worry about bugs.

Mary D. Evansville, IN

Slater is amazing and professional. Does a great job.

Mary B. Evansville, IN

Just wanted to say how wonderful Jesse was. I was having a crazy day & Jesse really helped me. He always takes his time. I really appreciate him.

Al (NALC 377) Evansville, IN

Feel so lucky to have Slater. He is so good!

Norma C. Evansville , IN

Slater, so glad I have him. He is great!

Scott B. Evansville, IN

Kevin is very nice. He's great and did a great job!

Dave S. Evansville, IN

Thomas M. Evansville, IN

Jeff K. Evansville, IN

Michelle A. Evansville, IN

Mary D. Evansville, IN

Mary Kay S. Evansville, IN