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Do you have an infestation of bugs or rodents on residential or commercial property? Call our reliable pest control company in Boonville, Indiana.

At Swat Pest Management, Inc., we provide customers throughout the Tri-State area with a wide range of pest control options. We help our customers remove pests from their property, from ants to cockroaches and more. Our professionals also provide unique services that might be new to you at our pest control company in Boonville, Indiana.

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General Pest Control Company in Boonville, Indiana

Pest control packages start with the “on-the-go” option that includes exterior services when you are not at home. We understand that our customers have busy schedules and may not have time to stay home while we complete a full service. Exterior services include the windows, foundation, downspouts, web removal, and pest exclusion.

When you arrive home, you will find a door hanger and a copy of our report. We’ll also leave the right contact information for additional service needs.

If you prefer to take advantage of our Full Quarterly service, our professionals come around every three months at your convenience. You do not need to remember to schedule these appointments because we call and find the best time to visit each quarter.

Our trained technicians arrive and check the interior of the house or office, including baseboards, attic, cabinetry, garages, and other hidden zones where pests thrive. If necessary, we also offer sanitation and structural reports.

Part of the inspection involves identifying wood-destroying insects or pest-related damage. We also complete a pre-treatment inspection if you wish to install a termite defense system.

You might be planning to purchase a home or inheriting business premises in poor condition. Feel free to ask for our general services for a full inspection and damage report. Our professionals also provide estimates for new construction services.

Commercial Pest Control Options

Swat Pest Management, Inc. is a family-owned business, proudly serving local operators in the Tri-State area. We have experience in schools, warehouses, storage facilities, retail units, churches, and office buildings. These facilities cannot remain open with a pest infestation, and your patrons will walk away if they notice signs of pests throughout the building.

If you notice signs of infestation, allow us to inspect the exterior of the building during a quarterly service. We also check the break rooms, individual offices, conference rooms, restrooms, and service rooms for warning signs.

A troubling scenario is the presence of bed bugs in hotels and multi-family housing units. For this, we offer free bed bug inspections. We can also remediate the building while treating linens with Steri-fab, preventing bed bug infestations long-term.

If you are concerned about termites around your property, we use the Termidor Termite Defense System. It employs odorless products that kill and repel termites and protect your wooden floors and furniture.

What Is TAP Pest Control Insulation?

Our team provides unique solutions as a leading pest control company in Boonville, Indiana. While we are happy to provide basic pest control services throughout the year, we also operate to prevent damage to your home or business from the inside out.

The attic is an easy breeding ground where pests roam undisturbed. Traditional insulation is often inviting to common household pests, and standard household insulation does not offer the same residual effects as Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) insulation.

When we install TAP insulation, we use an EPA-labeled pesticide that is safe for use in the house. Pests from ants to cockroaches, silverfish, and termites cannot survive when nesting in your attic. We use a spray application to fill every gap in your walls or attic, and we can install TAP insulation in any home or commercial facility.

TAP insulation provides your premises with a permanent layer of insect protection that’s not possible with other methods.

We use 87% recycled paper to create the insulation, and it has an Energy Star rating and UL classification. It also reduces your energy bills by keeping the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

An added benefit of TAP insulation is that your home is quieter.

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