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Are you Finding too Many Spider Webs Around Your Home?

Our homes create the perfect mix of temperature, sustainability, and protection for all kinds of pests to invade—and spiders are, unfortunately, on this list. Because the Midwest is home to many kinds of spiders like the orb-weaver spiders clinging to your windows and gutters—or the black widow spider—there is a good chance you will run into one of these species at some point.

Of course, most of these species frequent the least visited areas of the home like basements, attics, and crawl spaces. The lack of a human presence provides an open invitation for them to move in, lay their egg sacks, and start building their webs in your personal space.

When you need to eliminate spiders, be sure to call Swat Pest Management in Evansville, IN, or Owensboro, KY.

The Simple Truth About Spiders

Spiders can be a great asset because they are hunters who capture prey that could be considered pesky or unwanted, like mosquitoes and wasps. Now, most people would agree that this fact alone makes them highly beneficial—but only if the spiders were living somewhere besides the person’s home!

Not all species of spiders are harmless to humans, so be sure you have access to the appropriate tools to help combat varieties such as the brown recluse or the wolf spider.

With North America harboring at least 3000 species of spiders, you have a solid chance of encountering a new eight-legged roommate—one you might prefer to have in your garden instead of your bathroom or sleeping quarters.

Spiders, like all other living things, will seek shelter at some point. Whether they find entry through a window opening or a small crack in a door, the last thing anyone wants to experience is finding that sticky webbing somewhere in their home.

What Are the Options to Prevent and Control an Infestation?

Prevention is the starting point to keeping your home spider-free, so if you are noticing things like webs or finding egg sacks, then that is an indicator that it’s time to reach out to professional exterminators like our team at Swat Pest Management. We offer prevention measures in tandem with extermination services to help you feel more secure in your home so you can rest easy.
One of our services includes a treatment option that we apply around your home to windows, doors, and any other opening or crevice that our eight-legged friends could crawl into. We will also work around your schedule to make sure that we are effectively meeting your extermination and control needs.

Other actions you can practice on your own to help control the population are:

● Keeping your property’s greenery trimmed
● Removing clutter where insects and spiders may be able to hide
● Checking seals around your home for cracks

Our Experts Can Streamline Your Pest Control Needs

Our trained experts will help you stay ahead of your unwelcome guests using a step-by-step process that will meet your seasonal needs. We can create a customized calendar for regularly scheduled visits to take the guesswork out of your scheduling.
At Swat Pest Management, we offer multiple solutions to help maintain your home, including:

● Treatments for the exterior as well as the interior of your living space
● Removal of spider webs from interior and exterior areas
● Inspection of surrounding areas where spiders live

We Want to Keep Your Family Safe, Year After Year

At Swat Pest Management, we understand how these creatures can disrupt your day-to-day life, so your safety is our priority. We’ll treat your property as if it were our own home—by keeping the family that lives there in mind. We are happy to inspect either residential or commercial properties, and we pride ourselves on our proven track record with customer satisfaction and competitive prices.

Each team member at Swat Pest Management has a passion for excellence and is proud to be able to offer our services in the Evansville, IN, or Owensboro, KY, areas. With our years of experience, we know we can help you get that peace of mind that only comes with professional pest control services.

Feeling ready to make sure your home is safe from those pesky spiders? Call us at Swat Pest Management for a Free Estimate and let our trained technicians get the job done right in Evansville, IN, at 812-476-9708 or Owensboro, KY, at 270-683-8332.

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