Ant Extermination in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky

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Ant Extermination in Indiana, Illinois, & Kentucky

Ants invade your home through tiny cracks in search of food, leaving behind a long lasting and invisible scent trail for the rest of the colony to follow. Do-it-yourself sprays just kill the ants you see and if you don’t find the colony and eliminate the queen they’re soon back on the trail.

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Managing Ant Infestations

Keeping ants out of homes is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment. Effective ant control often requires finding and treating the colony. The ability of ant colonies to adapt to diverse conditions and environments makes it nearly impossible to eliminate entire colonies and most pest management practices aim to control local populations and tend to be temporary solutions. Ant populations are managed by a combination of approaches that make use of chemical, biological, and physical methods. The treatment needs to be tailored specifically to the species of ant.

Carpenter Ants

  • Finding the colony is critical.
  • Inspections for carpenter ants may be done at night. Ants are 300% more active at night.
  • Dust insecticide should be applied to the suspected colony entrance.
  • Insecticide baits with large particle sizes may be used in aiding in location or even for control.
  • Termidor may be used on the exterior of the structure in conjunction with other control methods for further control.

Crazy Ants

  • Exterior perimeter treatments will provide control for crazy ants.
  • Insecticide baits can also be used to gain control.
  • Exclusion is important and sealing around windows and doors may be necessary.
  • Sanitation could contribute to crazy ant activity and cleaning may reduce the population

Odorous Ants

  • Control of Odorous House Ants is difficult.
  • Treat the exterior perimeter of the structure with Termidor.
  • Treat the interior of the structure with Phantom.
  • Use insecticide baits when possible.
  • Use Intice granule bait on the exterior perimeter.
  • Locate nests and drench directly with insecticide.
  • Treat around pipe openings, windows and door.
  • Treat landscape beds.
  • Inspect all landscape materials including timbers, edging and lighting.
  • Exclusion is critical when dealing with odorous house ants.

Pharoah Ants

  • Use insecticide baits ONLY with Pharaoh ants.
  • Use liquid/gel ant baits in areas where ants are foraging heavily.
  • Use granules ant baits on the exterior of the structure and attic areas.

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