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Are you looking for a full-service pest control company in Evansville, IN? Call Swat Pest Management, Inc. today.

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With ten years of experience solving pest problems, we’re a leading pest control company in Evansville, IN, and the surrounding areas. The pest control experts at Swat Pest Management, Inc. have the knowledge and skills you need for a customized approach to pest management, whether for your home or office.

Our professionals bring fast and effective extermination services to homeowners and businesses, successfully solving pest problems across the state. From preventative treatments to effective extermination, our team is ready to take care of bug invasion and other unpleasantries so that you can have your space back.

We have state-certified technicians who build relationships with our community. Clients know us for attention to detail and superior service. Nothing will escape our professionals, and we won’t let pests or bugs affect your comfort or quality of life at home.

Let us find a solution to your most challenging pest issue—we’re the leading pest control company in Evansville, Indiana. Whether you need a certified team for a current infestation or you want to avoid one, you can count on our professionals for advice and prompt response.

Peruse our reviews to read what customers think of our pest control services.

Affordable Pest Control Services

At Swat Pest Management, Inc., we offer pest control services for residential and commercial needs. Our licensed technicians are highly skilled and trained to handle any pest issue in the area. We are a trusted pest control company in Evansville, IN, because we offer fair rates on all services without compromising quality.

When you choose us, you place your property in the hands of the top pest control experts in Indiana, and you have our word that we’ll always operate efficiently and affordably.

General Pest Control
One of our most popular services is general pest control for Evansville residents. We assign a technician to inspect and service your home or workplace every four months. Our technicians treat both the exterior and interior, leaving no corner unheeded.

Commercial Pest Control Services
Preserving a solid image in the corporate world is essential for a successful business. Whether you run a small firm or a large corporation, you don’t want to interrupt everyday activities, meetings, or upcoming events to deal with a pest invasion.

Let us protect your property, employees, and clients from rodents, roaches, houseflies, and occasional invaders, such as crickets and spiders.

Attic Insulation
As a top pest control company in Evansville, Indiana, we offer eco-friendly insulation to all local customers. It consists of low-toxicity borates and 87% recycled paper as the best pest control product on the market (including UL Classification and an ENERGY STAR mark).

Swat Pest Management, Inc. recommends our attic insulation as an excellent solution to:

● ants, termites, and silverfish
● stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
● reduce annual energy expenses
● enjoy a more comfortable home

Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, and Termites
Swat Pest Management, Inc. provides you with effective relief from ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites by extermination. When entering your home or office, these intruders spread rapidly. It wreaks havoc on your home’s integrity and causes untold damage in a matter of days and weeks.

Our professionals act quickly to help you stop the invasion and eliminate all pests. Our skilled exterminators in Evansville, IN, use EPA-approved treatments to ensure safe pest removal and prevent reoccurrence.

Learn more about us and the techniques we use by visiting our blog—we write about popular topics, share tips, and discuss common pests, like ants, bees, and termites.

How to Identify Signs of Pests in Evansville, IN

Early detection and intervention are critical to effectively extracting pests. If you want the best results, you need to call our pest control company in Evansville, Indiana.

Five common signs of pest infestation include:
● Grease marks or tracks to signal a rodent infestation
● Nesting evidence (between walls or underneath flooring)
● Pest droppings, urine trails, or waste from smaller pests
● Physical damage to your home or office (gnaw marks, holes, or burrows)
● Damaged plants (dead patches in your lawn, uneven grass length)

Our professional pest control company in Evansville, Indiana, is dedicated to solving all residential and commercial pest problems. Whether you are dealing with a minor or major infestation, you can count on our trained crew to remove the problem permanently.

Swat Pest Management, Inc. experts are trained in the state regulations and requirements for pest management. We can safely extract any pest without disrupting your home or affecting business productivity.

What is the goal of our reputable pest control company in Evansville, IN? We provide effective services at fair prices. Our team has successfully been at this job for over a decade—call Swat Pest Management, Inc. today at (812) 476-9708.

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