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Jasper Pest Control Services

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Jasper has a climate that supports lush vegetation. The warm weather attracts many residents, both welcome and unwanted. Pests typically outstay their welcome and soon become a serious problem for homeowners.
For every pest you see, there’s an extended family hiding away. They may have several satellite colonies, making them hard to eradicate.

That’s where Swat Pest Management, Inc. comes in. Our professional team of state-certified technicians understands where pests hide, and our specially trained K-9 inspectors can sniff out those hidden colonies that are undetectable to humans.

Our team will carefully inspect your building and work out a customized treatment plan. We provide:

● Affordable, professional services
● Top-grade treatments
● A guarantee that our treatment plans will eradicate the infestation

Our stellar service and reliable treatments have made us the favorite pest control company in Jasper, Indiana. Find out why in our Reviews section.

General and Commercial Pest Control

Prevention is the best defense in pest management. We provide commercial and residential service plans to treat both the exterior and interior of the building.

Our full service includes:

● A thorough inspection of the property to identify pest infestations and entry points
● An exterior and interior perimeter treatment to create a no-pest zone around the building
● Web removal
● Pest exclusion to seal the entry points we locate
● A sanitation and structural report

We also provide a convenient service for homeowners away from home. Our team will visit the property and treat the home’s exterior when you’re not there, at a time we’ve confirmed with you ahead of time.

Insulation for Attic Pest Control

Attics provide the perfect breeding ground for bugs. They’re often dark, used as storage, and not visited frequently. Throw in the odd leak, and insects have a comfortable home.

Swat Pest Management, Inc. provides an optimal solution to this dilemma with pest-treated attic insulation. Made from 97% recycled paper, the insulation:

● Dampens noise from outside
● Provides an insulating layer, improving temperature control inside
● Kills bugs like fish moths with a low-toxicity chemical agent

Pest Management

Have you seen a cockroach or two running around? Do you suspect that you have bed bugs? Give Swat Pest Management, Inc. a call immediately.

While many homeowners turn to DIY pest control, these options won’t save you money in the long run. The sprays will kill the insects you see but do nothing to those still in the nest. What’s more, as there are typically generic treatments that kill different insects, they’re less effective on individual species.

As the premier pest control company in Jasper, Indiana, we use a targeted approach and professional-grade products to ensure the bugs are gone.

Ant treatments require us to identify the ant species in order to effectively treat them. For example, we can eradicate carpenter ants with dust insecticide and baits, but the insecticide is useless against pharaoh ants.
For the most effective ant removal treatment, turn to a professional pest control company that has experience recognizing and treating the different types.

Bed Bugs
If you even suspect you may have bed bugs, call Swat Pest Management, Inc. We’ll provide free checks to help you identify the problem before it becomes too extensive.

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to eradicate once they gain a foothold. They hide in clothing, the seams of bedding, cracks in the wall, and even electrical outlets. Home treatments don’t stand much of a chance, as these bugs multiply at an alarming rate.

Fortunately, they can’t hide from our clever K-9 team members. Our dogs use the bugs’ scent to track them down. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

Having a cockroach staring you down across a counter may be unnerving. Knowing that they track fungi and bacteria through your home makes it even worse.

Since cockroaches multiply quickly and are extremely hardy, a quick, effective, professional treatment plan is the best way to get rid of the colonies.

Termites destroy your home from the inside out. They can cause significant structural damage without you realizing it, working their way into the beams or other interior support structures.

Swat Pest Management, Inc. provides termite inspections, pre-construction treatments, and post-construction treatments to prevent these pests from gaining a foothold in your home.

Want advice on identifying bugs that may infest your home? Check out our blog to learn what steps you can take to protect your home.

If you have a pest problem, turn to the best pest control company in Henderson, Kentucky for a thorough solution. Schedule your appointment with Swat Pest Management, Inc. by calling (270) 683-6332 today.

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