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At Swat Pest Management, Inc., we happily provide pest control services in Princeton, Indiana, and throughout the Tri-State region. Our range of services helps you remove pests from any space, and our general pest control options ensure that your home or commercial facility remain pest-free year-round.

Why not review our services and consider your options with our reliable pest control company in Princeton, Indiana? Our professionals are on call, whether you are buying a new home, settling into an office, or maintaining an existing structure.

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Reliable Residential Pest Control Company in Princeton, Indiana

General pest control services ensure that your home or residential property receives routine service to prevent pests from season to season. The “Full Quarterly” plan includes a scheduled service every three months. We call to set up the appointment at your earliest convenience, offering treatment for the interior and exterior of the home.

Exterior services include treatment around the foundations, doors, windows, downspouts, and other areas where pests may congregate. Interior services include the baseboards, cabinets, and other hidden surfaces where pests build nests or hide in plain sight.

Our quarterly plan also includes web removal around the property, along with your garage or other detached structures. We install pest exclusion systems as needed, completing a structural report for the home or business premises after searching for wood-destroying insects. We also include a sanitation report if a pest problem is causing health issues that you should address.

For anyone with a busy schedule, we offer “On-The-Go” services for a thorough check of the exterior. Allow us to complete a full outdoor treatment while you are away, and you will see our door hanger when you return so that you know we have completed the visit.

You can also contact us using the door hanger information to schedule your next indoor pest control service.

Our Commercial Pest Services

Commercial pest control services are critical for the survival of your business and the enjoyment of your property. The safety of your employees, guests, or students is at risk if there is a pest problem. Some commercial locations are particularly susceptible to infestations, such as storage facilities or warehouses.

Swat Pest Management, Inc. has experience treating:
● Hospitals
● Offices and office buildings
● Multi-family housing
● Schools
● Industrial facilities

During treatment, our pest control professionals take care of the foundation, windows, downspouts, and windows. As we check the interior of the building, we pay attention to every room, including utility spaces, break rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, and personal offices.

Bed bug treatment for hotels or bed and breakfasts is a popular part of our service. We offer a free bed bug inspection for Tri-State patrons, and we conduct bed bug remediation services. If you plan to keep any infested bedding, we use a Steri-fab treatment that prevents the problem from reoccurring.

Swat Pest Management, Inc. offers termite inspection and remediation for pre-construction, post-construction, or Signature Plus service. If you need termite services, we can also combine that charge with your traditional pest control services for simplicity and savings.

Pest Control Insulation Services

Our dynamic pest control company in Princeton, Indiana, offers a unique insulation service that might be new to you. It eliminates pests in your attic or crawl space most effectively.

Our insulation has an Energy Star rating and certification from the UL. It is officially called TAP technology—for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control insulation. We install this innovative insulation product in your home, or we can install our TAP products on top of your existing insulation.

TAP insulation consists of recycled materials and provides peace of mind and myriad benefits, including:
● Reduced energy bills throughout the year
● A quieter home
● Cooler summers and warmer winters
● Fewer opportunities for pests to nest or spread

TAP uses boric acid as a natural pesticide, preventing overuse of your HVAC system while killing pests such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and termites. We use a blown-in technique to fill each gap, and we are happy to renew your insulation as needed.

As a bonus, TAP is fire retardant. It also takes only half a day to install and does not result in gaps like traditional insulation.

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