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Henderson Pest Control Services

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Dealing with pests in the humid Henderson summers can be a nightmare. It’s one thing to kill the bugs and rodents you can see, but they’re only a small part of the population. For every pest you see, there are many more that are hidden.

You need a powerful solution that roots out the nests and prevents the population from growing. The certified technicians from Swat Pest Management, Inc. provide that solution. With our top-notch training and experience, we’re the top pest control company in Henderson, Kentucky.


• All of our technicians are state-certified
• We conduct weekly training updates and briefings on the latest techniques and treatments
• Our services are cost-effective
• We always confirm quarterly treatments before stopping by, so there are no unexpected bills
• Follow the recommended treatment plan, and we’ll guarantee it’s efficacy

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General and Commercial Pest Control

Our proactive pest control services prevent colonies from gaining a foothold. As the premier pest control company in Henderson, Kentucky, we provide three basic proactive services.

Full Quarterly Treatment
This service treats the interior and exterior of your home. Our technicians will:

● Conduct a thorough inspection
● Treat the interior and exterior perimeter to create a barrier against pests
● Remove webs
● Identify and seal potential gaps that give pests entry to the building
● Provide sanitation and structural reports

On-the-Go Pest Control
If you’d prefer us to treat the building while you’re away, our On-the-Go Pest Control treatment is ideal. Let us know when it’s convenient for you, and we’ll inspect and treat the exterior.

Commercial Pest Control
Our team provides a comprehensive range of customizable commercial solutions. Our inspectors will evaluate the situation and discuss your options with you. From there, we work together to protect your business against invasive pests.

Pest Control Insulation

Our pest attic insulation performs double duty. Not only does it keep pests out, but it also:

● Insulates your home, increasing energy efficiency
● Assists in dampening noise from the outside
● Kills off harmful bugs because the paper is impregnated with low-toxicity borates

Pest Management

When you notice pests in your home or business, it’s important to call a reputable professional pest control company. DIY treatments typically don’t work because these sprays only kill the insects crawling around.

While this might seem effective, it leaves the nest untouched. It won’t be long before the pests come out to play again, making it necessary to redo the treatment.

By using Swat Pest Management, Inc. you can short-circuit the cycle and ultimately save money. We use professional-grade products specifically suited to the bugs in your home. Our targeted approach maximizes efficiency while minimizing the use of toxins.

For ant treatments to be effective, they must target the correct species of ant. Carpenter ants, for example, require a combination of baits and dust insecticide. However, dust insecticide is ineffective for pharaoh ants.
An experienced pest control company in Henderson, Kentucky, like Swat Pest Management, Inc., will recognize different species of ants and know how to treat each one effectively.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are sneaky. They can hide in cracks, behind baseboards, in clothing, and almost anywhere else. These bugs are notoriously tricky to get rid of. Home treatments only work if applied in the very early stages of the infestation.
That’s why Swat Pest Management provides free bed bug inspection services. Our K-9 inspectors will sniff out the colonies quickly and effectively, so we can eliminate them more easily.

The sight of a cockroach scuttling across the floor doesn’t bring joy to homeowners. The fear is justified, considering how much bacteria and fungi they can track across the surfaces they cross.
Ridding yourself of an infestation is difficult because cockroaches multiple quickly. Applying the proper treatment plan is essential to get rid of these creepy visitors.

Termites can chew away at your home equity without you even realizing they’re there. You’ll see signs eventually, but only when the damage is advanced. We provide pre-and post-construction treatments to keep your home free of this menace.
Want to know more about the pests that we protect against? Take a look at our blog for more in-depth information.

Call (270) 683-6332 to schedule your pest control appointment. Swat Pest Management, Inc. is your trusted pest control company in Henderson, Kentucky.

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