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Fruit Flies Spring Into Action

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 by Krystiana Estiler

Spring time is here which means fruit flies will follow.  Fruit flies aren’t as sweet as they may sound. In fact, they are quite the pest. Like their name, fruit flies do love fruit.. but that isn’t all they love. They are known for gravitating to fermented fruits or veggies.  They are attracted to juice, any beverages.. the smellier the better. Just when you think you have rid their source of pleasure you’re wrong. They find food in all sorts of unusual places. Dish towels, mops, have all sorts of debris or food on them. Prevention on these these little guys can be daunting. It helps to clean the home as often as possible. A qiuick cleanup of your kitchen each night can do wonders for you. Don’t feel discouraged when fruit flies make your kitchen their home. The smallest smell attracts them. Prevention is hard, but treatment from us is all you need. Don’t let these guys take over your home this Spring. 

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