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Carpenter Bees Aren’t The Bees Knees

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 by Lacey Vukovich-Short

Late Spring early Summer is when you will notice the Carpenter Bees. This is the time they are searching for mates or looking for the perfect location to call home. 

Female carpenter Bees are laid back where males are quite aggressive. Try not to worry though, the males are rather harmless since they do not in fact have stingers.  Their female friends however will string if they feel threatened. 

People often confuse Carpenter Bees with sweet as honey bumble bees. A easier way to see the difference is that carpenter beeds have a hairless abdomen. Where as Bumble Bees have a hairy abdomen. 

Damage is usually done on places such as deck board, purgula, loge homes, homes with any wood sides, wood fencing, wooden play houses, etc. 

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