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My fascination with termites is REAL.  So real I decided I couldn’t carry on without a termite farm of my very own. That proclamation is what lead me to where I am today. I recently started a termite farm of my own.  I started small, 100 seemed like a good number, so it will grow from there. Soon I will have 100s of new pets. I took a 5-gallon tank normally used for fish and I added soil to it and basal wood for the termites to eat.  Besides spraying the tank with water daily they are easy pets. One of these days one of the workers will become an apterous neotenic reproductive. This means a worker will start laying eggs and I will have even more termites in the farm.

I also have another reason for writing this today. We are about to enter swarm season for termites this means we will start winged reproductive termites as well as winged reproductive ants. Both swarms could mean you have a pest problem near your home. The winged termites will have straight antenna, equal size wings, and thicker bodies. The ants will have bent antenna different size wings and thin waists. Again, both are pest control problems for Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, while the termites are the costlier pest problem.

The termites we have in and around the Evansville area are the subterranean termite. These are the guys who will be living in the soil and create mud tubes when they come up into our homes. Termites colonies will have different kinds of termites soldier termites, worker termites, reproductive termites and nymphs these immature will go on to develop into a soldier, worker, reproductive depending on the needs of the colony.

Now thankfully my termite farm will not get this big but subterranean termite colonies can get up to 1 million in number. A colony can consume up to 7 pounds of wood a year. In our area you have a 60% chance of having termites invade your home. We here at Swat pest recommend having your home treated with our new injection system and having your home inspected yearly.

Termite control is very important because termites will attack one of our biggest investments and no one wants to replace parts of their home because of termite damage. As some of you may know you may have needed a Wood Destroying Insect report when buying a house as it is required for certain loans. This inspection is to find signs of damage or active termites or other wood destroying insects in your potential home.

Termites are a major factor for us here at Swat Pest and at one point in your life they will be a major problem for you. When that happens just contact Swat Pest to protect your home.                                                                                                                                                                -Brandon Runyon


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