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Mosquito…more like oh no!

Our Tri-State area is home to five different mosquito types that are of importance to us in pest control. They are from the genera Aedes, Anopheles, Coquillettidia, Culex, and Culiseta, while their names can be a mouth full what is important is what you can do to keep them from breeding and living around your home.

You can treat for mosquitoes when they are adults or larvae, but both are very different treatment methods. When treating for the larvae you will focus on treating or removing the water. When treating for adults you will treat the locations they are using to shade themselves during the heat of the day. Mosquito repellants are also useful in a limit area for short term relief.

Aedes mosquitoes such as Eastern treehole mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquito, and Yellow fever mosquito are mosquitoes that will breed in water-filled cavities in trees but will breed in such things as discarded tires and other sources of standing water. Remove these sources of standing water will go a long way to reducing the population of this type of mosquito from your home.

Culex mosquitoes like the common house mosquito can be found inside and out, so these are the guys that will bite you even when you are inside your own home. The common house mosquito breeds in water with high organic content. This means your clogged gutters are great place for them to breed, other such breeding sites will be sewer catch basins, polluted ditches and discarded tires.

Culiseta mosquitoes like the the black-tailed mosquito and the Coquillettidia mosquito the cattail are found in marshes and swamps. Using biological control such as top feeding minnows will help a lot to keep the mosquito population down in these areas.

The Anopheles mosquitoes such as the common malaria mosquito will breed in areas such as the edges of streams and rivers, grassy ditches, and temporary rain pools. Larvicides and treatment of adult resting areas will go a long way to reduce the population of these mosquitoes in your area.

While there are many different types of mosquitoes in our area, we here at Swat Pest can help you enjoy your yard again by helping to reduce the mosquito population on your property.

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