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Reclusive Behavior

Brown Recluse do not create ordinary sheet webs. Most webs you see look to almost be a work of art. Other spiders are meticulous with their web making skills. Brown recluse webs are rather messy looking, they tend to look like there is no rhyme or reason to their webs. Brown Recluse are known as hunting spiders. They do not use their webs to capture their prey. They primarily eat insects that have been recently killed but will kill their prey if need be.  These spiders can live up to six to ten months with no food or water. Give them a dark area and they are happy to stick around.

Glue boards are a great set of eyes when your technician isn’t around, and since brown recluse have six eyes you’ll need all the help you can get.  Glue boards act as a map if you will, so your technician can see where they are more heavily infested in your home.  Brown Recluse are a tough case to crack, persistence is key.

Picture: This is from a new customers home, brown recluse in the attic.  

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