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Odorous, Carpenter, and Pharaoh Ants – Oh My!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 by Brandon Runyon

Part 2 in a 4 part series on ants

What’s the first step in eliminating an ant infestation? A pest control professional will identify the type of ant present.

Why does the type of ant matter? Each type of ant has unique feeding and nesting habits.  Understanding those differences makes it easier to treat and prevent future infestations. It’s the science behind pest control.

What types of ants are most commonly found in the Evansville and Henderson area?

  1. Odorous House Ants – this is the biggest ant problem in our area and the toughest to fight. They are mobile. When they are crushed, they smell like coconuts.
  2. Carpenter Ants – they build nests inside insulation and in decaying wood. If carpenter ants infest a home, it is critical to find the colony. As they nest in insulation or moist wood, they can cause structural damage.
  3. Pharaoh Ants – if liquid or dust insecticides are used to fight pharaoh ants, the colony will bud. The colony splits into different parts to double down through the insecticide storm. As soon as the threat of the storm ends, the pharaoh ants return – in greater numbers. Because they are so small, pharaoh ants pose a special threat to hospitals and health facilities; they can infest driplines and other medical equipment.

Ants are seasonal eaters that eat different types of food.  Understanding their eating habits is key to ending and preventing ant infestations.

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