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3 Ways to Kill Ants With Their Food

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 by Brandon Runyon

Part 3 in a 4 week series on ants

Pest control professionals are masters at the game of getting rid of ants. They know how to win the game – and it doesn’t happen with a single surface application of insecticide.

  1. Ants are seasonal eaters. In the spring, they come out of hibernation and need sugars and protein. They are working to grow their population to prepare for the next winter. In the fall, they need carbohydrates. Bait traps use different foods, and it’s essential to use the correct type of trap for the season.
  2. Ant pheromones help them leave trails to tell other ants where food sources are. These trails can give clues to their origin.
  3. Ants carry food back to grubs that digest the food and then secret a substance that the ants eat. Bait traps that simply kill adults are not as effective as those that work slowly – that get food back to the grubs and kill the grubs.

If all the ant grubs in a colony are killed by bait traps or insecticide, it’s game over for the ant colony.

Game over for an ant infestation is a winning game for the home or business owner.

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